Increase Academic Honesty through Plagx, it's the Best Plagiarism Detector for Teachers

Take advantage of accurate and comprehensive plagiarism detection by PlagX alongside an easy-to-use plagiarism report to save time, ensure originality and create a plagiarism-free classroom.

Instant Reports
Deep Search Technology
Multilanguage Support
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🛒Customizable Plans

Plagiarism tools for teachers need to be budget friendly so that they can improve academic honesty everywhere. No need to stress about the pocket because PlagX has a free trial and affordable options for your plagiarism detection needs.

⚡ Intuitive Plagiarism Reports

Plagx has a detailed and easy-to-use plagiarism report for teachers where they can view color graded highlighted text along with links to the matched sources for further analysis and text comparison.

🗄️ Document Library

Students run between home, classes, work and friends all in one day. We know you won’t be working from your desk or room all the time. With the document library, you’ll have quick and easy access to your work for detecting plagiarism. Also, you can customize it by adding files and creating folders specific to your coursework and writing needs.

🌎 Online plagiarism detection

Students write a lot and put in valuable time to achieve goals of good grades and academic performance. That is why we aim to make student life easier with a plagiarism checker that is blazing fast and accurate. Use our Rapid-Action advanced algorithms to check plagiarism in papers, essays, reports, code, and websites against 16+ billion web pages.

✔️ Staff Management, feedback and review for educators

PlagX makes user management easy for professors, teachers, and all educators. Designate and assign roles to the faculty and manage their access control while sharing and reviewing feedback on student assignments and plagiarism reports.

Exclude Quotes and references

Student assignments can show up with excessive similarity because the quotes and references show up in the plagiarism report. With PlagX, teachers, professors, and all educators can enable the exclude quotes and exclude bibliography features for better and a more accurate plagiarism check.

Easy to interpret
plagiarism score

Similarity Score with Deep Search Accuracy

Clearly view you comprehensive and accurate similarity percentage

Viewable Matches Sources

Simply click on the source links to visit the matched webpage.

Color Graded and Highlighted Text Matches

Easily identify and review text with plagiarized content.

Downloadable Originality Report

Save plagiarism reports in popular file formats to view offline.

Feature's Block

Document Library

Keep files and use folders for easy access and plagiarism detection by you and your team for a streamlined workflow.

Comprehensive Detection

Benefit from our comprehensive plagiarism detection technology by scanning text against more than 16 billion web pages.

Team Collaboration

Work with team members, add multiple users with assigned roles, and manage their access level to files in the library.

Deep Search Accuracy

Detect plagiarism online with the highest accuracy with our Deep Search technology that analyses the smallest bits of data and revalidates matches.

Privacy Focused

Your data and documents stay yours and are never shared or sold. User privacy is our priority and outlined in our GDPR compliant Privacy Policy.

API Integration

Use our API for integration with your Learning or Content Management System and detect plagiarism with ease.

Plagiarism Detection in 56 Languages

Check plagiarism in English, Spanish, Hindi, German, Russian and 50+ more languages.

We support Popular
File Formats

Don't worry about your file's compatibility. We support all popular file formats like .DOCX, .DOC, .TXT, .HTML, .RTF, .PDF and more. You can even detect plagiarism in websites, URLs and programming code. There are no compatibility barriers with PlagX.